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Family Research
Traditional research that begins with you and reaches back into your family's past. We aim to uncover where your ancestors came from  . . . where they lived, what occupations they practiced, what social issues may have influenced their decisions to move and immigrate.

Estate Research
Whether the terminology is "heir search," "estate administration," searching for "heirs with whereabouts unknown," or "unknown heirs" . . . the work is genealogical in nature. Uproots Genealogy aids lawyers with performing due diligence in their search for missing heirs to satisfy the requirements of the Courts.

Property Rights Research
Uproots Genealogy assists lawyers in their search for authors and/or their estates relating to out-of-print media.

Dual Citizenship
The ancestry of previous generations may entitle you to dual citizenship. Uproots Genealogy conducts the research to determine if you and your family members meet these requirements. We then acquire and assemble all necessary documents, certificates, translations and certifications into a packet for you to bring to your citizenship interview.

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